Social Institute mortgage loan – first home purchase

Government Agency mortgage regulation

Deciding to take out a mortgage for a first home purchase is not a simple choice, there are different types of financing, but above all the offers on the market are varied. Social Institute mortgages ex Government Agency 2016 are among the most advantageous categories of loans for those who decide to take out a mortgage, a loan reserved for certain types of borrowers.

Government Agency mortgages for civil servants

The Social Institute mortgages ex Government Agency 2016 are subsidized loans that can be requested by all employees of the public administration in service activities or Social Institute pensioners who are registered in the Unitary Management of social and credit benefits with at least one year of seniority.

Subsidized loans that are granted by the Social Security Institute or by the banks affiliated with the institution which certainly allow greater economic advantages compared to other types of financing.

The list of banks affiliated with Social Institute can be consulted by accessing the portal www.Social

Government Agency mortgages purchase first home

The Social Institute mortgages ex Government Agency 2016 can be granted to all members of the public employee management, useful loans for the purchase of a non-luxury property to be used as a first home for both the member and the family.

An indispensable prerogative to be able to obtain a subsidized mortgage loan is that both the member and the family unit are not in possession of additional real estate throughout the national territory.

Except for some exceptions foreseen by the regulation, as in the case of ownership of shares or property assigned to a separate spouse, but also in the event that the member has the will to form a family unit different from the family of origin.

The social security institute allows to obtain subsidized financing also for the construction of public utility works, to municipalities and provinces for construction of public housing.

There are several amounts that can be requested through Social Institute mortgages ex Government Agency 2016 depending on the type of investment you want to make, capital that can be invested:

  • For the purchase of real estate to be used as a first home with a maximum amount of 300 thousand USD
  • For ordinary or extraordinary maintenance, but also for all renovations of existing properties, with an amount equal to 40% of the value of the property for a maximum of 150 thousand USD
  • For the construction of a garage that cannot be more than 500 meters from your home for a maximum amount of 75 thousand USD
  • For expenses relating to insurance coverage that will be properly documented for an amount of up to $ 6 thousand, in this circumstance, however, the disbursement of this amount will depend on the maximum limit used.

It will be possible to access and take advantage of the Social Institute subsidized mortgage loans through the electronic delivery of all the required documentation which must be sent between 1 and 10 January, between 1 and 10 May and between 1 and 10 September.